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Sharing my passion with the world is one of my greatest joys in life. I strive to provide fun and educational presentations for people of all ages to help them get a glimpse of the natural world that many people simply don't have access to. 
I strongly believe that it is vital to our health and happiness to have a strong connection with nature. In order to enjoy a safe relationship with this life giving planet it is essential to have some knowledge of the natural wonders around us. I try to help people gain that knowledge, face their fears, and experience something amazing! 
In addition to nature and conservation I also give presentations focusing on responsible pet ownership. As important as it is to enjoy the natural world in an appropriate way, the same can be said for the animals we keep in our homes! They can be a great joy but we are responsible for their well being and we should always strive to provide the very best! 
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I have been working with various rescues for almost 10 years and have since obtained my own license to rehabilitate wildlife outside of other existing centers. My focus is on birds and reptiles but I will not turn away any animal that is brought to me if I can help it, even if all I do is transfer it to a different rescue. All rescues brought to me recieve specialized care based on their species and needs. 


All rescue animals are taken in with the intention of release! I do not keep any rescues, even if they end up being unreleasable, they will be relocated to a different educational facility. As a rescuer and rehabilitator I want these animals to return to their homes in the wild. Seeing the miraculous recovery some animals can make and being there at that final moment of their release is an amazing experience. From the majestic release of a once starving owl flying off into the deep blue sky, to the angry and defensive liberation of a tiny black rat snake who was stuck to a glue trap; the beauty of the moment never gets old! 

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